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Christine Sloan Stoddard Headshot Circle

Hello! My name is Christine Sloan Stoddard ("Chrissie" for short) and I'm a fine artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Most of my work is created as an author who also illustrates her books, as an artist-in-residence at non-profit organizations, through open calls for grant-funded opportunities, or with funding from Quail Bell Press & Productions. However, I also complete commissions and other work for hire. My visual creations span traditional studio art and digital media, using my signature aesthetic. I am known for my watercolors, acrylic murals, digital photo collages, black and white comics, tissue paper paintings, unglazed ceramic sculptures, found object sculptures/installations, and magical films. My visuals have appeared in the Queens Botanical Garden, the Elisabet Ney Museum, the New York Transit Museum, the Queens Museum, the Ground Zero Hurricane Museum, and beyond. 


Press Mentions

Want to view more of my creations? I am an interdisciplinary artist with a well-rounded practice that also includes books, film, and theatre. See more...

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